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Brand Coaching

Brand Strategy

It all starts here. From defining your audience, style and voice to developing your strategy, logo and website, our brand strategists and graphic designers will work with you to identify your direction, and establish the foundations for your brand.


Product Development

Bring it to life. With Brand UR Name, you’ll work with leading fashion designers, production and garment tech teams to translate ideas into execution. We’ll carefully plan and design your collections from apparel and packaging, sourcing the best pricing from our 30+ ethical manufacturing partners. Our nationwide-based teams ensure quality control and manage the process for you from start to finish.


Brand Management

From launch to longevity. Launching a brand is just the start, and we know from experience that scaling a brand isn’t easy. We’ll help you manage your operations with our ongoing design services and customer service teams. You’ll benefit from a tailored digital strategy to drive online sales including paid advertising, website management and profit and loss planning. Our specialized teams can help drive sales and set you up for success. Our seamless handling of your inventory includes storage, packing and delivery to customers worldwide. And our end-to-end service means we also look after operations so you can spend more time on doing what you love like being creative.


Apparel Branding Since 2003

From manufacturing to marketing, Brand UR Name is the name behind some of the world’s best-known online fashion brands. But when you work with us, you’re the boss.

It’s your creative vision backed by our experience in bringing it to life. Your fashion label is custom created for you. You retain 100% ownership of your business and designs. And you stay in control throughout the entire process.

A Course that will take you from start to WIN!

Why Work With Us


BRAND UR NAME is dedicated to the success of our clients.

Overtime we've come to realize the difficulties our customers face with being provided essiential information useful towards their business goals and knowledge of the industry.

We understand how in-depth the apparel industry can be and how much there is to learn. Without the adequate knoweledge and understanding people often times invest thousands of dollars to be delvired products that weren't what they were hoping for, taking huge investment losses. Also by making decisons out of order, causing set backs, deadstock ,lack of sales, AKA little to no ROI.

These instances can be determinetal to any business, especially ones just starting.

This is why we've created programs based on the needs for YOUR brands SUCCESS. We've serviced over 50,000 brands and have worked hand in hand with hundreds of corprate clients.

With our array of experts- Learn materials that are of value to you. Giving you WHAT you need, WHEN you need it! Such as;

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