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Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials
using a needle to apply thread or yarn.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials
using a needle to apply thread or yarn.

Check out our current embrodiery packages! If you're looking for specific products or product qunatities not listed as options on the website, submit a quote request for possibiltiies/pricing.


Logos and symbols on heavier garments, including polo shirts or sweaters, are best embroidered. Embroidery designs on clothing lasts a long time and is quite sturdy. Although embroidery is more expensive than regular printing, it is much more economically eVcient thanks to its lengthy lifespan. Embroidery is a centuries-old kind of handicraft and has been used to decorate fabrics for both ornamental and expressive reasons all throughout the world. Embroidery may give color, dimension, depth, and character to a design in terms of shape and appeal. Covers, hats, jackets, beddings, polo shirts, denim, socks, and cardigan sweaters are the most common items with embroidery nowadays. Embroidery thread comes in a wide range of fabric or yarn colors.

Important Things to Know About Embroidery

  • A high-quality, bulkier clothing, such as a hoodie, polo, or sweatshirt, is required for embroidery. This is preferred because embroidering on a _ner garment might pull the cloth. Embroidery is commonly used for logos or minor patterns.
  • Many companies opt for embroidery on their uniforms. The reason behind this is that embroidery appears extremely sophisticated and provides a more substantial feel to the clothing.
  • Embroidery lasts a long time and does not fade when washed. As a result, some say that needlework is far substantial and economical than printing.
  • Embroidery should indeed be utilized on uniforms and clothes that are intended to be worn for an extended period.
    Have an embroidered emblem on your work attire to serve as a branding bagship. It’s bright, clean, and eye-catching, exactly how branding should be.
  • Using customized embroidery, you have the freedom of using a wide range of colors. This will stick out as a result of this. It’s feasible to create complicated graphics with a lot of colors because each hue of the spectrum is available. The use of new digital technologies and computer-controlled embroidery equipment allows you to create exactly what you want.
  • Through freebies and charity donations, embroidered presents are a terri_c method to advertise your business. Personalized embroidered caps, tees, and other accessories are wonderful presents that people appreciate

General Questions

How do I know how many stitches are in my design?

Embroidery service pricing is primarily based upon the amount of stitches asscosiated with your design. All our listed packages are priced at a 10k stitch count limit.

Simple logo(s) such as text, or bold characters with minimal detail and color typically fit within this limit.

Logos with many colors, small details and overlaps may not.

If you are unsure if your logo(s) are within these requirements you can get your logo digitized by our team to determine exact stitch counts!

^Find our "Logo Digitizing" option within our embroidery package offers!

Once you're sttich count is determined, if it's over 10k sttiches, No worries! Simply submit a quote request attaching your files & specifiying your product(s) of interest for embroidery pricing/quotes.


Do you do Patches?

Yes, Minimum order quantities for embrodiered patches start at 100 peices. If this is somethig you're interested in, submit a quote request with more infromation for possibilities/ pricing

What is your turn around time for Embroidery?

Our Turnaround Time for Embroidery is between 7-10 Business Days for standard orders. We do offer rush services depending on the complexity of the job. Although every order is different, we do our best meet your deadline needs.

Minimum Orders?

Although our minimum order for Embroidery is 12 pieces, we do offer exceptions for personalized items such as work shirts and jackets, etc.

Do you do your own Digitizing?

Yes, we offer the highest quality in-house digitizing services available. We can take your logo and create a custom digitized logo in no-time. Find our "Logo Digitizing" option within our embroidery package offers!



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