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Storing and shipping your goods has never been easier than with our fulfillment services.


Let us do the heavy lifting

Storing and shipping your goods has never been easier than with Real Thread’s fulfillment services. With customizable plans for businesses, retailers, eCommerce, events, and more, there’s truly an option for everyone.

How it Works:

1. You place a bulk order with Brand UR Name.
2. We print your goods & store them (as well as any of your other inventory) in our onsite distribution center.
3. We gather your individual orders via integration with Shopify's online selling platform
4. Your goods are shipped out as soon as you need them/as online orders come in!

Have questions on how fulfillment could work for you?


Your personal fulfillment team

When you opt in to Brand UR Name fulfillment services, we become part of your team. We have dedicated staff who treat your inventory like their own—seamlessly filling orders and getting your goods packed & delivered with care.

Save time & space

We store & ship your goods (even the ones we didn’t produce!), saving you precious space & effort.

Save money

We pass on our shipping/bulk packaging discounts to you, because we’re cool like that 😎

Quick shipping

Over 95% of fulfillment shipments go out within 1-2 business days, meaning happy customers/teams.

Ship internationally

Add our international shipping option to make even those on the other side of the world feel close.

One-Time & Ongoing Plans

A plan for everyone

We know that every business is unique—which is why we have developed three standard fulfillment plans designed to meet your unique needs. Have questions about which plan is best for you, or want to inquire about a custom plan? Check out our FAQs or let us know. 

Ways to use fulfillment

One-Time Fulfllment

Print one bulk order with us
—then we’ll ship your goods
to individual addresses.


Selling online? We’ll store
your inventory & fulfll your
orders as they come in.

Swag Fulfllment

Not selling but don’t have
space to store your swag?
We’ll store & distribute it for

One-Time Fulfllment

What it is: Not looking to store inventory in an ongoing way, but have a large order that you need shipped to individual addresses?
This is our single-use, moment-in-time specifc fulfllment service that you can add on to your custom screen printing or embroidery order.
Who it’s for: Events, conferences, one-time bulk orders for businesses, etc.
Why enroll: Saves you the time and space that you so desperately need when planning for a big drop/event—making things ultraconvenient for you, your team, and your recipients.
How it works: We print your items, and you send us any other items or custom packaging you’d like included. We hold onto all of your goods until the big moment, and then ship to individual addresses or to your preferred location.

eCommerce Fulfllment

What it is: Selling apparel or other merch online but don’t have the time or space to store & ship it? This monthly fulfllment plan allows you to focus on selling while we handle the storing & shipping pieces of the puzzle.
Who it’s for: Online retailers, apparel lines, bands, etc.
Why enroll: We connect to your online selling platform & handle all of the backend logistics for you—keeping an eye on your inventory & saving you time, space, and money. When orders come in, we ship them out right away—keeping your customers happy and the positive reviews for your biz rolling in
How it works: We integrate with your eCommerce selling platform, print & store your items, and send them out as orders come in.

Swag Fulfllment

What it is: Not selling products online but have inventory that you need stored on an ongoing basis? We’ve got you covered. We’ll print, store, and ship your goods (even the ones we didn’t produce!) as needed, while also keeping track of inventory for you.
Who it’s for: HR professionals, church & business admins, marketing professionals, branding agencies, etc. — really anyone who has a need for ongoing swag storage!
Why: We handle all of the backend logistics for you—keeping an eye on your inventory & saving you time and space. And with much of the workforce distributed now, we can either ship to individual addresses or in bulk to your ofce when you need it— whatever works best for you & your business.
How it works: We set up an online inventory tracking system & ordering platform for you—and then help you & your team quickly & easily get the swag/merch you need, when you need it.

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Integrate your shop

seamlessly integrates with all of the major platforms—those listed here and beyond! Choose what works best for you and we'll help you get started.

Fulfillment FAQs

How do I know if Brand UR Name Fulfllment is a good ft for me?

Every customer is different—but generally for any brand that is selling merch online, we think our fulfillment services would be a good fit for you at these minimum volumes: 25 orders in the first month, 10 orders/month ongoing. We’ve found this to be enough demand to break even/have profit on a month-by-month basis while utilizing our fulfillment services. Not selling something, just need a place to store your inventory? That's cool, too!

Is fulfllment a print-on-demand service?

No, our fulfillment service currently does not include print-on-demand. T-shirts or other items are still ordered in bulk (our minimum is 50/design), then your inventory is stored and shipped safely at Brand UR Name HQ. You sell your apparel, and let us worry about the production, storage, packing, and shipping.

If you’d like to sell before taking on the inventory, you do have the option to pre-sell. You put up a mockupor sample of your product on your website, and then once you collect orders, we'll print the shirts and send them to your customers.

I don't have a storefront, I just need to place a bulk order and ship out to individual addresses—should I join fulfllment?

Yes, even if you don’t have a need for ongoing shipping of orders but still need to ship to individual addresses, our One-Time Fulfillment is a great service for you. Alternatively, if you do need to ship on an ongoing basis but don’t have a storefront, consider joining fulfillment via the Swag Fulfillment plan, where we’ll create a platform for you that can hold your inventory and orders, and will then ship out those orders as they come in/as you need them.

Can I fulfll items that are not printed by Brand UR Name — like stickers, mugs, or other pieces of apparel?

Absolutely. Whatever items you’re selling in your store, we’re able to ship for you.

Can I provide my own custom packaging?

Yes! If you’d like to provide your own custom branded packaging for us to send your items in, simply send them to us and we’ll ship all of your orders out in style.

Our standard packaging for your items is a non-branded white poly mailer or a brown cardboard box.

Do I have to be a Brand UR Name customer to use Brand UR Name fulfllment?

Yes. To use our fulfillment services, you must be printing/embroidering products (like t-shirts, hats, bags, sweatshirts, etc.) with us.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

Nope. We offer both monthly and annual fulfillment plans. With the monthly plan, there is a one-time setup cost involved—but if you sign up for an annual plan, we’ll waive that setup fee.

How does fulfllment work?

Here are the quick & easy steps to ordering goods while using our fulfillment program:

Step 1: We connect to your e-commerce platform.

Step 2: You place your bulk order(s) with us (50 units is our minimum).

Step 3: We create the magic and bring your Apparel to life.

Step 4: We stock your inventory at our warehouse.

Step 5: We ship out your orders as soon as they roll in through your shopping platform.

How long does it take for my items to ship?

We guarantee all orders will ship within 1-2 business days, however, 95% of items are shipped with 24 hours of receiving the order.